Pattern Maker for cross stitch

Pattern Maker for cross stitch 4.6

Creates and designs cross-stitch patterns
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Brings your patterns to life using several features, and after creation, it makes it ready for printing. There are various stitch types, full, half, quarter, petite, back/straight and specialty stitches like French Knots. A design can be drawn using stitch tools, importing graphics images, or using clipart designs.

Pattern Maker for cross stitch is a useful tool which provides options for you to create and edit cross stitch patterns. With Pattern Maker, you can create and print patterns of various stitch type using more than 200 floss colors and edit them accordingly. All the editing features helps the user to cut, copy or paste, create mirror image, rotate and remove the stitches from the chosen part of the design and much more. In fact you can preview the design before stitching it and print the same in many formats. One of the interesting features Image Importing allows the user to make a new pattern with a scanned photo or any other digital image. These new patterns can be edited and enhanced as per you preference. It provides many palette options to edit the palette of the selected design. With all these options you can change the color of floss strands, format symbols of various stitches, change palette entries to another floss type. Many more advanced editing features, image importing and exporting feature, printing features, add-on machine embroidery makes this tool perfect for any type of user.

Padma Pardhy
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  • You can export your designs to embroidery machine
  • You can make new patterns of your digital images


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